Designers Vs Decorators

Designers Vs Decorators

If you are thinking of building or redesigning a home and are looking for a specialist to assist you with the interior, then you have to consider whether the best professional for your scope of work is an Interior Designer or a Decorator.

Interior Designers and Decorators are often mistaken for the same thing, and although there are some parallels, they have distinct differences that will affect the process and outcome of your project.

All interior designers must hold a tertiary qualification, whether a Bachelors Degree or advanced technical Diploma, whereas decorators only require a diploma in decoration.

Interior Designers

If you are requiring a major renovation or have decided to undertake a new build, then alongside an architect, an interior designer can advise you on space planning, structural changes that affect those spaces, lighting, custom joinery, finishes, fittings and equipment (FF+E), furniture, soft furnishings and decorative lighting. When an interior designer is appointed, as a client you will receive a complete Design and Construct package which include working construction drawings with schedules.

Interior Decorators

The main job of an interior decorator is to furnish or adorn a space with fashionable or beautiful things. Interior decorators work exclusively with an existing space. They are aesthetic specialists that take a dull interior and transform it into a stylized work of art. This is also what a designer does at the end of the construction stage of a project.

So in short an Interior Designer may decorate, but a decorator cannot design.


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