DIY or Designer?

DIY or Designer?

Renovate on your own or seek help?

Bathroom Renovation

We have all seen the latest craze with home renovations because of self isolation. They seem to go hand in hand, given we need to occupy our time and release those creative juices.

The exciting part is that by accepting discomfort and understanding that what we have isn’t quite working for us allows the space for change. How exciting right? Instead of looking at the same environment, we get to change it up and make it uniquely our own.

BUT and there is a but, can you make these changes on your own OR is it best to call in an expert?

Let us look at the positives and negatives.


There are positives to DIY projects and there are positives to bringing in an Interior Designer. So let’s weigh them up.


Creating your own renovation or DIY project is not only a great way to feel inspired and refreshed, but it also makes you happy. There is a sense of achievement when you finish any project, but a creative one makes you feel like you climbed Mt Everest. That’s because many people don’t think they are creative, so when they step outside their comfort zone, there is a sense of elation and pride.

Mental Health

We need to keep our minds and bodies active. Sitting at a desk, indoors surrounded by artificial light can take a toll on our mental and physical well being. So undertaking a DIY project can boost our energy just like exercise. It is not only physical, but it forces your mind to think outside the box.


The bond between your family is priceless. Interior renovation projects allow you to connect with your children and partner in a creative way. Knowing that you built something together is a memorable experience and brings joy during and after you have completed the task.

Get them all involved, but please make sure you practice safety.

DIY Shelving for your kitchen


There are so many great renovations or small DIY projects you can do on your own by having fun playing with materials, or watching YouTube videos. However, are you ready to complete the task and do you know ALL that’s involved?

I can tell you, I have seen my fair share of unfinished projects from past clients that either, didn’t have the time to complete them or the renovation just got too complicated for their skill set and they gave up mid way; which, unfortunately cost them more money than they bargained for.

The reason for this is misinformation by watching glitzy renovation shows or not doing enough research before they started.

So why should you consult an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer will SAVE you money!

Many out there believe an interior designer is a luxury rather than a necessity. I can tell you it’s the latter.

Hear me out.

An interior designer WILL save you money. I am just repeating the heading again because I have a feeling you don’t believe me. I say this because of experience, not because I am an Interior Designer.

We have been designing for years and years and we know, before you even start a renovation, what will go wrong, what will end up costing you more and what you probably haven’t even considered before you can even say, “I am going to renovate.”

Renovating is fun in hindsight, but will it save you money?

Some of the questions we consider and will probably ask you are:

  1. Are you using the right timber for outdoor use?
  2. Is it durable enough?
  3. Is your paint weather proof?
  4. Is your stone porous? Does it need sealing?
  5. What underlay will you use for your carpet?
  6. Is it synthetic or natural?
  7. Have you placed your shower head at the right height?
  8. Do you know the tread height for your stairs?
  9. Are you using LEDs or Fluorescent lighting?
  10. What are the benefits of LEDs?
  11. Are your bathroom lights P rated?
  12. What hinges are you using on your cabinetry?

Do you see where I am going with this? This is only a snippet of questions you should be asking yourself.

Interior Designed entry

What you don’t know will bite you

If you don’t know what you are doing wrong, then you won’t know it’s wrong till later.

When you don’t know the right questions to ask yourself whilst pondering your renovation then you might be missing vital information. Once you start, it might be too late to turn back. That’s when you start losing money, and an experience that you thought was going to be positive will turn into a financial and emotional burden very rapidly.


There is no harm in asking. Contact your designer and ask for advise or book in a consultation before you take on a massive project. A small fee up front will save you so much money down the track. They will be able to discuss with you the pros. and cons. of your project and advise you whether it is feasible or not.

Remember they have the experience and it’s not their first rodeo. So ask for help even if it’s to make sure you are making the right decision.

Laundry Design with feature splashback

If you would like to run your renovation ideas by us before you undertake a renovation project then please reach out.

Contact us now for a FREE 15 minute introductory phone chat.

Good Luck!


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