Our design philosophy is based on the Three Marks of Existence. The Buddha enlightenment is anchored in the belief that everything in this world is connected to:
1. Selflessness 'ego' 2. Change and 3. Discomfort with the understanding that everyone is conditioned by their own surroundings.
At 3 Marks of Existence we have adopted these characteristics and have developed our own design philosophy which we apply to each and every project.


At 3 Marks we have a responsibility to our clients to enhance an interior with elegance and discretion whilst never sacrificing the philosophy and style that is synonymous with our trademark. In order to achieve this, we must endeavour to remove our 'self'; that is our own individual style and embrace the distinctive vision and requirements of each individual client.


Our soul aim and purpose is to create environments that are not only comfortable but exude an innate authenticity that is achieved by bringing the outdoors indoors. This level of design and unique detail is synonymous with the Zen belief that by respecting our natural environment we create seamless energy and flow.


In order to achieve an atmosphere of calm, ease and pleasure that radiates sophistication, we adapt seamlessly to each new project and it's setting allowing our clients to feel serenely satisfied with their consummate dream interior.

A Note From The Director

My ambition at 3 Marks is to soften the distinction between residential design and hotel design in order to create personal environments that incorporate the same attention to detail, comforts and qualities as a luxurious hotel.

At 3 Marks of Existence design is our way of life. Our empathetic nature and approachable manner gives our clients a sense of ease and confidence that is crucial to the success of any project.

Yours Sincerely,


Julie Parmax