Julie Parmax is the director and principal designer of 3 Marks of Existence. Over the last 13 years Julie has worked at some of Australia’s most prestigious firms including Chhada Siembieda and CV Sydney. Here she evolved her skills whilst working on a variety of large high end projects including hotels, resorts, restaurants and residential and corporate developments.

“When Julie unveils her concept to you she radiates!” exclaims her client and friend Sofia Abela. Her passion and excitement is infectious; It’s hard not to feel inspired.

Emotion, intuition and empathy are qualities that allow her to truly understand her clients needs and guide her to visualise a space in its completed state. She seamlessly adapts to each new development and its setting whilst never compromising her own personal style. “This instinctive quality is part of her DNA, it can’t be taught!”

Inspired by her extensive travels to Asia and Europe Julie’s passion lies within eastern philosophies combined with western styles. Her inherent understanding of  space and light and  her trademark use of natural palettes, rich accents of colour and impeccable finishes allow her to create cotemporary, clean spaces that are considered a minor work of art.

Having studied for 6 years Julie has gained herself a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design (Honours); sub-majoring in Furniture Design from The University of Technology Sydney and has also received a Diploma in Interior Decoration from The Whitehouse Institute of Design.

Julie Parmax continues to set aside time in her schedule to immerse herself in galleries, exhibitions and shows in order to replenish her senses and ardor for anything creative.


Our passionate and dynamic team of accomplished designers, stylists and drafters collaborate their expertise to create refined, innovative interiors that realise our clients vision whilst staying true to the 3 Marks philosophy.

Our artistic family of designers + creative’s are dedicated to achieving successful, functioning design solutions that meet the clients requirements along with their budget, and by including them in the design process we give them peace of mind and reassurance.

At 3 Marks we choose to collaborate with design specialists and suppliers who are masters in their field and embody like-minded principles and skills as our own. A commitment in producing high quality work and providing unprecedented service is paramount to our firm.